Mentura Group delivers CDR-Management system to VIRVE-Network

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Mentura Group delivers CDR-Management system to VIRVE-Network. System is used to collect CDR-information from nationwide TETRA-exchanges. Finnish State Security Networks subsidiary Suomen Virveverkko Oy owns and operates the VIRVE network. Introduced in 2002, VIRVE is the world's first nationwide TETRA technology-based radio telephone network. The VIRVE service covers around 35,000 subscriptions, and the network relays [...]

Managing the LTE Migration Part 2 – From Application Friction to Open Connectivity

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Different kinds of applications (video, etc) are the main drivers for moving to mobile broadband. Here we typically pay attention to “bandwidth-driven” features like video – because in narrow-band environments these are simply not possible. The community is also discussing how the current public safety user features, like group communications (MCPTT), traffic prioritisation, etc are [...]

Managing the LTE Migration Part 1 – The Subscriber Challenge

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This series of posts looks at different aspects of managing the migration from TETRA/P25 to public safety broadband. Predicting the future is sometimes a bit difficult but always fun: The TETRA/P25 systems will remain the core mission critical voice service until the standardised public safety LTE systems are available. Different broadband solutions will be deployed (MVNO, dedicated [...]

Mentura delivers a TETRA+LTE Subscriber Management System to Qatar Authorities

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Mentura Group delivers a Customer Care and Billing solution for Qatar Ministry of Interior for managing the users and usage information of both TETRA and LTE services via a unified system. The system provides a single management solution for the Qatar authorities for administering the subscribers and services in a multi-network environment. The Qatar MOI [...]

Welcome to our new site, Welcome to Coremote!

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Happy Birthday, Mentura Mentura is celebrating its 15 years or PMR innovation. During that time, we have provided manageability and operational efficiency to different kind of networks that our customers use for managing their operations. Our product-line has been called the TETRA Management Suite as TETRA has been our primary network platform. We have witnessed [...]

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