COREMOTE ROCS (Role Oriented Communications Server) is a solution for any organisation where each radio has multiple users.

Adapts radio to your current role

ROCS gives each radio the presence and communications capabilities that reflect the current user of the radio and the current role and task of the user. This allows reachability, automatic grouping of people working on the same task.

  • Aliasing of radios with numbers, services, talk groups and privileges of the current user

  • Role Registration, role specific talk groups and tactical numbers

  • Task Management and Call-Outs

  • Work-force management, working time reporting in real-time.

Improves efficiency of operations

  • Less CAPEX for radio investment (you can optimise the number of radios).

  • Less OPEX for radio management (fleet map is dynamic reducing radio configuration work significantly)

  • Improved efficiency of operations (right people are always reached immediately). Reduced loss of time and gaps in operations.

  • Improved security of communications (you know who is using which radio, and communications rights are based on the user).

  • Controlled life cycle management for radios.