Monitor all your key systems from multiple networks in a single interface

Monitoring multiple systems simultaneously generate a lot of data and without the right tools can become overwhelming. For operator to constantly check the status of monitored devices is inefficient and time consuming.

Detect and solve problems
before users are affected

COREMOTE Monitor notifies user instantly about important events. It can automatically send alarms and trigger actions to manage the situation before it start effecting the users.

Widgets can be used to build customisable dashboards providing users the most essential information on highly visualised format.

Monitor your TETRA and IT systems from a single platform

COREMOTE Monitor can monitor multiple systems across multiple networks, all in a single platform. It is able to handle a very large number of monitored devices and checks.

Almost anything that can be measured can be monitored with COREMOTE Monitor; fault data, KPI data, call data, coverage data and subscriber data etc.

For network users like authorities, first responders and professional organisations performance of the network and key services is critical and issues can quickly escalate with severe consequences.

Make sure your systems are
performing in the right level

With COREMOTE Monitor´s performance monitoring organisation can monitors the network and services in real-time making sure the systems have sufficient capacity and that emerging issues won´t escalate.

Continuous monitoring, collected statistics and with the help of the detailed analysis built in to the COREMOTE Monitor, organisation can anticipate and plan their future system extensions and budget beforehand.