Railways are incredibly environmental friendly method of mass transportation. Combined with high reliability, safety and security, railways offer an remarkable effective, future proof way of transporting goods.

We provide railway operators smart solutions for managing their digital radio networks and field operations. We help our customers to prepare for the digital transformation while maintaining high security standards.


Complete solution for Subscriber Provisioning and Billing on GSM-R networks

COREMOTE Manager Rail is a solution for Subscriber Management and Billing in GSM-R networks.

COREMOTE Manager Rail supports the management of subscriber services information and provides automatic provisioning of services in the network elements, as well as collection of network usage management and billing.

The system automatically activates the information in the network elements, and also collects usage data (CDRs) for multiple purposes. The system makes the subscriber base of a large GSM-R network manageable.

Key features

Customer and Subscription Management with automatic network activation and reporting

Terminal, SIM-card and Base Station information Management

Automatic management and reporting of CDR data from all GSM-R network elements

Management of Group Call Areas and Group References on graphical maps

Subscriber and organisation Billing

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Gives radio the communications capabilities of the current user.

Solution provides aliasing, functional numbering and automatic talk group management for railroad operators using TETRA. The ROCS integrates the management of roles to the TETRA radio and infrastructure.

  • Aliasing of radios with numbers, services, talk groups and privileges of the current user

  • Role Registration, role specific talk groups and tactical numbers

  • Grouping (train groups, shunting, maintenance work)

  • Task Management and Call-Outs

Light Level Crossing System

Cost efficient solution with significant safety improvements

Mentura together with Elektro-Arola and Suomen Erillisverkot (Finnish autority network operator) introduced Light Level Crossing System at the 2019 ERVE user days.

Level crossing accidents represented almost 30% of serious injuries and fatalities occurred on railways*. Many of the accidents could be avoided by placing Light Level Crossing Signal to unmanned level crossings.

By utilising GPS-based real-time location information and communications networks (GSM-R, TETRA, LTE etc.) Light Level Crossing System offers a highly cost-efficient way to improve the safety of level crossings.

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Customer Story:
Monitoring redundant network coverage in Helsinki Metro tunnels

The metro in the Helsinki metropolitan area is being extended with 13 new stations and once finished it will feature 21 kilometres on underground rail line in two parallel tunnels. The Metro relies on TETRA network to enable reliable communication.

To guarantee coverage in the tunnels, the TETRA service is implemented. As the service is critical for traffic security purposes, the network operator needs a way to verify correct operation of the redundancy solution on continuous basis.

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