Mentura Group Marketing Register

Privacy Policy

Personal Data Act (523/1999) section 10§ and 24§

1. Controller

Mentura Group Oy
Ahventie 4
02170 Espoo
+358 42 4480 1

2. The person in charge of the registry

Mentura Group Oy
Jarno Taskinen
Ahventie 4
02170 Espoo

3. Name of the register

Mentura Group Marketing Register

4. Content of the register

The following information is handled in the register:

  • Contact information: Customer’s name, title, rank, company, address, phone numbers, email addresses
  • Profiling data given by the customer; gender, date of birth, language, as well as information given by the customer regarding the use of the services
  • Marketing authorizations/prohibitions given by the customer (consent)
  • Data subject’s areas of interest and content preferences
  • Origin of the information

5. The purpose for processing the personal data

The personal data is processed for identifying and contacting the data subject and for the purposes of registering the data subject’s consents and objections to processing of their personal data. The data may be analysed and processed in order to tailor marketing to the interests of data subjects and to develop the data subject´s and Mentura´s business relationship.

  • Management and maintenance of a customer relationship
  • Customer letters and press releases
  • Newsletter communication
  • Webinar invitations, participations, arrangements and communication
  • Event invitations
  • Customer surveys
  • Business and products development
  • Analysis and statistic purposes

6. Regular sources of information

  • The data is collected from the data subjects themselves when they
    • subscribe to a newsletter or blog
    • order a product data sheet
    • participate in a webinar, customer survey, raffle or competition
    • participate in marketing campaign or events
  • The register’s details are obtained when the customer relationship is formed and from data provided by the customer to the controller during the customer relationship. The information can be collected from Mentura Group Customer Register.
  • Personal data and updates can also be collected from the registrar´s partners, and from authorities and companies that offer services related to personal data.

7. Cookies

As many other websites, our websites make use of ‘cookies’ technology. Cookie is a text file that allows a web server to store information about a visitor and recognize them when they return to the web site. This is placed on the visitor’s computer and allows Mentura Group domain to recognize a returning visitor.

We use information collected by means of cookies typically for the following purposes:

  • To receive information on what the most popular sections of our website are, to which websites the users continue or from which websites they come from, and how long they stay on our website.
  • To compile statistics on the number of visitors to our web pages and to evaluate the efficiency of advertising. We may collect information from marketing emails and newsletters in order to find out whether the messages have been opened and whether actions have been taken on the basis of them.
  • To collect information for providing advertisements or contents targeted at a certain browser by creating different target groups.

Cookies may be disabled in the browser settings. However, in some cases this may slow down website browsing or reduce the functionality of or prevent access to certain websites.

How to disable cookies
If you wish to deny the site from placing cookies on your computer, you can block cookies from your browser settings. You can also delete the existing cookies files on your computer.

Google Analytics Cookies
We use third party site analytics and marketing services, such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows us to see information on activities on our website including calculating the number of people visiting our websites, which pages are visited the most, the date and time spent viewing our web site.

The data is anonymised and cannot be tracked to an individual. The collected data helps us collect data in order to improve Mentura Group´s website and improve our visitors’ experience. For more information, please visit:

HubSpot Cookies
Our website uses Hubspot for marketing automation. Hubspot sets cookies that track a user’s interaction with our site. Hubspot also tracks browser-provided information such as inferred region, IP address, and return visits. Users remain anonymous unless the user has provided personal information through the submission of a form or clicks through to our site from a link in a Hubspot email. For more information on Hubspot cookies and what they are used for, see Hubspot’s Privacy policy here

8. Recipients of the personal data

The content of the register is used by Mentura Group´s personnel.

Mentura Group may provide third parties with such personal data which is needed by a third party in order to provide Mentura Group with marketing or technical services related to Mentura Group Marketing Register or other similar processing purposes or for collaboration with Mentura Group which requires joint efforts in marketing and communication. Each provision of data is done in accordance with requirements of GDPR and applicable legislation.

9. Transferring data to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area

Mentura Group will not transfer data outside the European Union or the European Economic Area unless it is necessary for the performance of a service related to a customer relationship or any other relevant connection. In such cases, each provision of data is done in accordance with requirements of GDPR and applicable legislation Act.

10. Period for which the personal data is stored

We will retain your personal data for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this privacy policy unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by applicable law. Retention of anonymized data is not governed by such limitations or requirements.

We aim not to keep outdated or unnecessary information and to make sure that the personal data and other customer information are up-to-date and correct.

11. Principles of protection of the register

Technical and organizational security arrangements are in place to protect any unauthorized access to personal data.

Personal data is stored in a technically secure location and the access is prevented by means of e.g. firewalls and other technical protection measures. Physical access to the data is restricted by means of access control and other security measures.

The information system’s users have a right to access to only such files, data, media, systems, areas of the data communications network and other resources they are entitled to use due to their work assignments. The information system’s users are bound by confidentiality obligations.

12. Rights of a data subject

The data subjects have the following rights that they can always establish by contacting Mentura Group in writing, preferably by email. Some of the rights may be subject to limitations, in accordance with GDPR and applicable legislation.

In matters of data subject rights, please contact:
Mentura Group Oy
Jarno Taskinen
Ahventie 4
02170 Espoo

Mentura Group may request further information or documentation in order to verify person’s identity.

Rights to inspect
The data subject has the right of access to personal data on him/her which is held in the Mentura Group Marketing Register.

Rights to ratify
The data subjects have the right to obtain from the controller rectification of inaccurate personal data concerning him or her, and the right to have incomplete personal data completed.

Rights to object
The data subject may object to certain use of your personal data if such data are processed for other purposes than necessary for the performance of our services or for compliance with a legal obligation. The data subject may also object any further processing of your personal data after prior given consent.

The data subject has the right to opt out of receiving direct marketing communications from us in the future. The data subject also has the right to prohibit us from using their personal data for direct marketing purposes, market research and profiling by contacting us on the addresses indicated above.

Right to prohibit the processing of data
The data subject has the right to prohibit the controller of the register from processing his/her personal data, as set forth in GDPR legislation.

Rights to erase
The data subjects have the right to obtain from the controller the erasure of personal data concerning him or her, to the extent permitted by law.