Public safety

Maintaining a high-level of service is essential for public safety organisations. We offer you a solution that combines real-time location and status information with intelligent management of tasks, resourcing and reporting. We allow you to share information (messages, multi-media, status) between your mission control and field units, to guarantee situational awareness and fast reaction.

Network management systems

  • Fleet Map management, Terminal Management, Subscriber Provisioning and Billing

  • Traffic, call data and network performance analysis

  • Network Monitoring and Coverage Assurance

  • Air-Interface analysis and network Optimisation

  • Operations and Talk Group analysis and optimisation

Fleet management and situational awareness

  • Automatic location and status management

  • Dispatching and Incident Management

  • Operational Analysis and Reporting

  • Mobile Data (messaging, data sharing, images, video)

  • Aliasing and tactical numbering, task based grouping

Domain solutions

  • Ambulance operations and Electronic Patient Data management

  • Fire Department Integration

  • Law Enforcement

  • Traffic Light Pre-Emption

  • Speeding Camera Control