Manage your mobile field force and create and share situational awareness across critical communications networks

Create and share situational awareness

COREMOTE Tactics is a situational awareness, automatic vehicle location management, fleet management and dispatching solution for user organisation managing a mobile field force.

This future-proof system enables user organisations to manage their mobile field force and create and share situational awareness across different (hybrid) Critical Communications Networks.

For control room and office

  • Creates real-time situational awareness for the office and control room users about the location and status of the fleet.

  • Creates a full history of the fleet, unit mobility and utilisation for reporting and analysis purposes.

  • Supports shared situation screens.

  • Automatic or manual assignment of incidents to Control Room Dispatchers.

  • Gives advanced tools for fleet automation (e.g. geofences, distance and speed monitoring).

  • Allows indoor positioning in suitably equipped buildings.

For dispatchers

  • Collects context information from sensors, cameras and detectors deployed in the field or with mobile units.

  • AVL + GIS

  • Dispatching incidents/events to field units over messages and voice.

  • Incident history and data management.

For field units

  • Radio and mobile clients for convenient view of incident data and status reporting.

  • Rich media feeds (Mobile video, CCTV).

  • Manages the automatic location reporting from mobile devices (TETRA radios, tracking devices, smartphones) using available network.

  • Allows managing tasks and incidents from the field.

  • Provides situational awareness and team collaboration tools for the field units.

  • Enables shared plans.

  • Makes smart devices (smart phones, tablets etc) real professional communication tools by providing tactical features (man-down, ambient listening, emergency status) to COTS devices.