Tactics Messaging Centre

A versatile multi-network messaging platform

Tactics Messaging Centre (TMC) enables organisations to communicate and collaborate across networks. It routes messages between TETRA, LTE and IP. TMC also makes the communication more reliable by logging all traffic and by storing the messages to be delivered later incase the recipient is unreachable.

Why Tactics Messaging Centre?

Uniquely Different

  •  Enables communication across networks
  •  Enhances the messaging in TETRA networks
  •  Simplifies implementing data services and applications

Proven and Reliable

  •  Used in several authority networks globally
  •  Proven track record for managing high traffic loads
  •  Can be deployed as high available clustered and geographically distributed system

Reduces Costs

  •  Reduces the need for carrying multiple devices
  •  Extends the lifespan of exiting device and infrastructure
  •  Provides API for cost efficient applications integration

Message across networks

The TMC provides routing of messages between networks e.g. TETRA to GSM or LTE and vice versa. The message can also be directed to IP network e.g. email address.

Store-and-forward messages

As the SDS messaging in TETRA network is by default point to point, the messaging to users not registered in the network or out of coverage will fail. The TMC provides a persistent message store for TETRA users enabling storing the messages to be delivered later incase the recipient is unreached.

Integrate TETRA messaging to applications

The TMC removes the need for network API programming by providing in-house applications with an easy-to-use interface for integrating TETRA messaging to the applications.

Scales from small to large networks

The TMC is highly flexible how it can be connected to the network allowing it to scale from small to large networks. Depending on the number of subscribers and traffic, the system can be connected to TETRA network with radio-based or with infrastructure connection. The SMSC connection is typically made over a secure IP connection on the public Internet, or a leased line.