Network Operator Solutions

We offer product based flexible and proven solutions for Subscriber Management, Network Reporting, Billing, Network and Service Monitoring and Coverage Management.

Our solutions can help you to manage TETRA, LTE, 5G, GSM-R or even multiple as part of the same operation.

Provide a Service Your Users Can Trust

Your Customer must be able to trust that their users and systems are connected, in any situation. The ability to anticipate and know what is happening in the network are the keys to guaranteed service.

With the right tools, you can provide a service your users can trust, efficiently and reliably.


COREMOTE Manager is a subscriber management and billing system designed for private (TETRA and LTE) networks.

The system makes the subscriber base of a small, medium or large network manageable.

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COREMOTE Network Vision

Network Vision is a remote network monitoring platform providing real-time geographical view to the service subscribers are receiving.

It collects location and network information from the user´s devices, detects anomalies in the network and automatically indicates potential problems.

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COREMOTE Monitor is a Hybrid network (LTE, TETRA) and IT-asset monitoring system for all key services.

It monitors assets in real-time making sure the systems have sufficient capacity and that emerging issues won´t escalate. In case problem occurs, COREMOTE Monitor notifies user instantly about important events.

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COREMOTE Tactics is a hybrid Situational awareness and fleet management platform with location and messaging gateway.

COREMOTE Tactics creates situational awareness and enables organisations to communicate, collaborate and share information across networks (TETRA, LTE).

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