Customer Story: Monitoring redundant network coverage in Helsinki Metro tunnels

The metro in the Helsinki metropolitan area is being extended with 13 new stations and once finished it will feature 21 kilometres on underground rail line in two parallel tunnels. The Metro relies on TETRA network, operated by Finnish authority network operator Suomen Erillisverkot Oy (State Security Networks) to enable reliable communication among the metro operators, various working groups, guards, rescue department and police around the track.

The Need
To guarantee coverage in the tunnels, the TETRA service is implemented using fibre optic repeaters around the track where two cells are always visible for the radio. As the service is critical for traffic security purposes, the network operator needs a way to verify correct operation of the redundancy solution on continuous basis.

The Solution
The COREMOTE Monitor together with TETRA radios placed in key locations are used to constantly monitor the dual cell coverage and signal strength increasing the safety of the network. This gives the operator a real-time visibility to the correct operation of the redundant network. The COREMOTE Monitor’s Coverage Monitoring feature can be used to monitor remotely the radio service in TETRA radios, and alert in case of change or disruption in the service.

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