Many public safety network operators are tasked with arranging security, safety, logistics and communications support of major public events:

  • Sports events and festivals

  • Expos and fairs

  • Conferences and state level visits

Many of these events are reoccurring annually at same or varying locations.

For most events, an event specific organisation and fleet map is designed to meet the requirements of the event. Sometimes the event requires to include people from multiple organisations or functions, internal and external with even specific roles assigned.

From communications management viewpoint, this is a major effort, including assignment of large amounts of temporary radios, each programmed with the groups and privileges needed for the specific role and distributing the radios as they have had to be collected from the field for programming.

After the event, the same radios need to be recollected just to be prepared to for the next coming event, with a different event fleetmap, organisation and group structure. With the lack of visibility who and where the radios where used, some of them can easily be misplaced or lost in the process. Even though the operator has a skilled and professional event team, the management process creates a major cost and workload that is tying up resources.

COREMOTE ROCS – Role Oriented Communications Server

COREMOTE ROCS, Mentura’s intelligent communication management solution, offers an alternative, automated approach for managing this process. ROCS allow the operator to define the event fleetmaps in the ROCS system – roles, numbers, talk groups, privileges. After the specific event plans and configurations have been defined, the operator can support the events using an existing pool of radios with minimum changes.

As the new event starts, the users sign into the radios with the specific role identifiers. As they do, ROCS automatically program the radios to match the requirements of the users as defined in the system.

In addition to the automatic configuration, ROCS provide a real-time terminal inventory for the radios, so the operator knows where each radio is, who is using it and for what purpose. This makes it easy to retrieve the temporarily assigned terminals or disable the ones that have been lost and cannot be located.

Jarno Taskinen, Mentura Group

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