Mentura Group awarded contract to deliver SIM OTA platform for Virve 2 service

Mentura Group, a leading provider of critical communication solutions, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by Erillisverkot Group, the operator of Finland’s nationwide public safety network Virve, to deliver a SIM OTA (over-the-air) platform for broadband Virve 2 service. Mentura is delivering the project in cooperation with its telecommunication technology partner Opencode Systems.

The new SIM OTA platform will enable Erillisverkot Group to remotely manage and update the SIM cards used by Virve 2 subscribers, ensuring their access to the latest network features and security enhancements.

“We are thrilled to partner with Erillisverkot Group to deliver this critical component of their next-generation public safety network,” says Sami Honkaniemi, CEO of Mentura Group.

“Authorities around the world are in the process of migrating their communications services to Mission Critical Broadband technologies. Our SIM OTA solution will provide Erillisverkot Group with the flexibility and control they need to ensure the highest level of service and security for their subscribers.”

Virve is Finland’s nationwide public safety network, used by emergency services, public authorities, and other organizations with mission critical communication needs. The broadband Virve 2 service is currently under development and will be rolled out in phases over the next years.

Erillisverkot Group

The task of Erillisverkot Group is to secure the communication services and information society services in all circumstances. Erillisverkot provides the organizations responsible for the security and functionality of the Finnish society with mission critical services, software services for situational awareness and services securing critical infrastructure and communication. Erillisverkot is a wholly state-owned special-purpose company.

Mentura Group

Mentura Group is a leading provider of critical communication solutions for public safety, security, and other mission-critical organizations. With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services, including control room solutions, communication networks, and command and control systems, Mentura Group helps organizations improve situational awareness, response times, and overall operational efficiency.

Opencode Systems

Opencode Systems is a telecommunications solutions provider, dedicated to open systems for All-G and Telco-over-Cloud mobile networks. Opencode Systems specialized portfolio addresses key network and cloud domains such as Wireless Emergency Alerts and Cell Broadcast, Location Services, Network Orchestration and Exposure, Data and IoT, Messaging, and more.

Mentura Group:
Sami Honkaniemi, Managing Director
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Opencode Systems:
Venci Evangelatov, Marketing Manager
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Erillisverkot Group:
Ari Toivonen, Programme Director
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