COREMOTE Visionary

COREMOTE Visionary – an advanced solution for building rule-based, smart and learning control room automation. The COREMOTE Visionary harnesses the world of connected equipment transmitting real-time data into intelligent decision making.

Smarter and more efficient
control room

The COREMOTE Visionary combines data from different sources, automatically finds the important events through applied rules, and visualises the essential information for the users. The COREMOTE Visionary can also automatically trigger actions and responses to events. Advanced analytics and machine learning allow the COREMOTE Visionary to constantly improve the automation rules increasing the accuracy of situation interpretation.

The COREMOTE Visionary reduces the information overflow, simplifies control room operations and speeds up the decision making. With smarter and more efficient Control Room less investment in equipment like screens is needed and people can focus on the essential task only people can do.

More data = less hassle and simplified control room work. Can you believe it?

Sensors, mobile devices, Internet data sources, network equipment, applications all produce data. Trying to understand everything that is happening around us easily leads to information overflow, as our environment is getting more advanced and more complex.

How many systems can a person monitor simultaneously while effectively make conclusions and better decisions based on the received information?

Part of Mentura’s Digital Workflows Platform

The COREMOTE Visionary is part of Mentura’s Digital Workflows platform for Mission Critical Communications.